Herbal Pantry

Our love of native plants and wild edibles was nutured on long walks with a botanist friend. He taught us to identify the bounty around us. He often said…”this has medicinal value”.  It took us a few years to understand the importance of his off hand comment.

We pursue professional herbal classes, online studies, conferences and personal experience to expand our knowledge of and appreciation for the plants on Top of Allegheny Mountain. We want to know how they thrive, how they are used and what we can do to preserve their habitat. 

We wild harvest forest herbs, grow both perennial and annual plants and continue to plant berry bushes and apple trees.  Flowers, plants and roots dry in a humidity controlled room and are then vacuum-sealed, steeped in oil or alcohol for our use. Our salves and products are made using the best quality ingredients to enhance the herbs we grow and gather. We believe in fairly supporting those involved in this great herbal adventure -- for their knowledge, hard work and dedication to quality. Let us all be good stewards of this generous earth.