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Snow-colors By Nature

Pristine and abundant, the snow on Top of Allegheny Mountain is ideal for creating unique designs on our snow-dyed scarves.

Flake, cluster, pellet or hail – each storm is different. Type of snow, temperature and humidity combine in endless ways to affect how the colors I select infuse the fabric. If your see white on the scarf it is the signature of the snow itself.

Each scarf is gently covered with fresh snow. Red, yellow and blue dyes each react to the warm studio temperature in unique ways traveling into the silk threads. After the scarves dry from their wintry bath, they are wrapped and steamed in a cauldron for an hour and the dye is cast. Some scarves start the process all over again because they combine rayon and silk and each material demands special treatment.

Now come the washings, five times to insure any extra dye is washed away. The final wash is in a machine at 165°. You can wash your scarf in a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle and press while damp.

After a week in the studio it is ready to bring color to your life.

If one of my scarves calls to you, own it. There can never be another scarf just like it.

My scarves are on sale at the Green Bank Gallery in Green Bank, West Virginia. If you would like to purchase one of the scarves in my gallery, send me an email on the contact page and we’ll chat.

Enjoy the color!